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Tips for Building a Trustworthy Application

It’s true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and we have an interesting biological trick to thank for that. First impressions and judgments are made at an impressively awesome speed. Within the one-tenth of a second, we are able to decide if someone is trustworthy, competent or attractive. Jonathan Freeman, assistant professor […]

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How Storytelling Can Help User Experience Designers

This week’s guest post comes from Sarah Doody, a designer and product strategist I’ve long admired. For years, Sarah has shared her expertise on design, productivity and communication in such places as UX Magazine and her blog and weekly newsletter, the latter of which are two of my favorite resources for UX and product inspiration (I never know what […]

How to Bring Copywriting into your Design Process

How an online experience works and looks is tremendously important but it’s usually the written content strategy and messaging that really completes an authentic trustworthy experience. It drives me bonkers to design product wireframes or a visual identity without any attention placed onto UI copy or a marketing site without any content. Imagine baking cupcakes without […]

6 Ways to Think Like a Designer

In order to think like a designer, let’s talk about what “designer” and “design” really mean. I have two favorite definitions. The first comes from Wikipedia. Very succinctly, it states: “A designer is a person who designs.“ The second: “Design: being creative with a purpose.” The truth is, every single person is capable of doing both of those things. Designer […]

The ROI* of UX Design

I often think I repeat “you get what you pay for” like a mantra to myself as justification to spend more than I should on a home air purifier with a filter developed with NASA to be used on manned mission to Mars or fair-trade, single origin, micro-roasted coffee beans (really, what does that all mean?). Sometimes, […]