About Drew


Drew Lepp is the founder of Drew Lepp Designs and UX/UI designer who specializes in using a mix of information and personality to create thoughtfully simple and engaging web and mobile applications.

After discovering my love of Photoshop, I went on to get a degree in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University where I was news editor of the student newspaper and wrote for the local newspaper where I covered what I affectionately called “the Bluegrass Beat.”

Then, partially because of the promise of free and delicious food, I spent a few years designing events at a catering company. Despite the drastically different medium, this is really where I learned the fundamentals of user experience.

But technology was my true passion and in the fall of 2010, I started my business with the simple goal of helping others improve their users’ happiness while navigating the world of product development.  Since then, I’ve designed web and mobile applications used by millions of people, which is still crazy to think about.

I’ve been immensely lucky to be able to work with some of the most creative, inspiring and hardworking clients who have trusted me to make their babies more usable, interesting and beautiful (products, not actual children) while pushing me each day to become a better, more thoughtful designer. I’ve been able to help startups and engineering teams improve their experience, increase user engagement, articulate their product voice, and put a process in place to make these changes as painless as possible all while having plenty of fun along the way.

May the adventure continue for a bit longer…



PS. Visit the Drew Lepp Designs site to learn even more!

Random Facts

I grew up in Japan and blame their large variety of unusual candies and snacks to my voracious sweet tooth that continues to this day.
I’m the inventor of many dance moves. Most are variations of the “Robot.”
I am the proud guardian of a forever kitten named Tiny Taco. He has a twitter account he rarely updates. Lazy cat.
I am a former party planner and newspaper writer.
My class once voted me, “Most Likely to Become the First Female President of America”. Flattering, but way, way off base.
My life’s goals include learning to play the banjo and restoring an old chateau to its original glory.